My name is Nacho Frades and I was born in Madrid, 1967. I have been drawing and painting since I can remember. When I was 12, I started my formation, I where to my first art academy with brilliant results according to the words of my teachers and the other students. My CV includes: • Interior designer (IADE University) • Atrium Academy (Mainly Charcoal) • Madrid Fine Arts Circle (Círculo de Bellas Artes) mainly nude • Arts & Cratfs Degree • Fine Arts Master (Complutense University) • Particular professor of Painting. • Master with José Caballero • Master with Antonio López • Digital painter in art department "The mising Linx" • Digital painter in art department "Justin and the knights of valour" • Self Taught and hard work. • Today I am also exploring the possibilities of a new technique based in videogame engines to create stereoscopic and navigable immersive environments based in my paintings.

In my work I want to open a window to secret worlds that exists for themselves but remain undiscovered. My vision is a particular vision of time and space where the objects are presented naked, frozen and unseen, and remain unconscious being painted.I'm a digital painter, I paint in the computer, I have painted a lot with oils, but now I prefer digital.When I wake up, my first activity in the day is to see a lot of paintings, (thanks internet), but I find a better inspiration inside me, and often in the architectural volumes I see in the streets when I walk, TV, film, etc. I am always alert to this treasures.I am not very influenced by other artists, but I have to mention Edward Hooper, who gives me the gift of paintings plenty of absolute silence and immortality.My intention is to create scenes in which calm, tranquility, and silence is absolute, no useless noises. And have fun painting.

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