Why do you enjoy working in digital painting? And how long have you been doing it?

Well, I started to paint in a computer in 1987. My father's company bought some Amstrad PC 1512, and I got a pirate disk of games ( I was looking for the "Prince of Persia") in which came the painting soft "Deluxe Paint II", I saw "paint" and opened it immediatily. I was fascinated, to paint in a computer!!! I forgot the prince of persia and began to work with 16 colors and a primitive mouse. The last work was 5 years ago in a film by Antonio Banderas, "Justin and the Knights of Valour". I enjoy digital painting because it's like my coffee. I think also that in this time, all will end in digital format, paintings, books, encyclopedias, and why then not to do it in digital directly?. I have painted many years in oils, my formation as a painter has been in oils, and I love them, it's smell, texture, finishing, I love oils too. I love the two mediums.

Why do you like to show your work online as opposed to fairs and/or galleries?

I prefer to show my work online because we are in 2017, There is some sense in showing your work to 100 persons instead of millions?. The brick and mortar galleries are something of the past, and they are not very "Artist friendly" in the sense they want to make earns from the artist, instead than with the clients. Also I have had bad experiences with some galleries. I was in Affordable Art London when young, and I sold some works, but my main goal is internet since I had it.

Where do you find inspiration for your paintings?

This is quite complicated, I have studied tons and tons of art, the quantity neccesary to be free of masters and influences. I found inspirations perhaps in one particular color I see, in the structure of a street I see, but mainly the images come to my mind as something completed, and I paint my memories. The inspiration is in the process, one color tells me "I need a green there!", "I need something light here!" and so on. Inspiration comes of the previous hard work I have done, a lot of hours, days and years painting is my inspiration. I suppose I have to mention some painters, I choose Hooper and Hockney, but I am my favourite painter if I look for inspiration.

You do work on films as well. How does that work influence your painting?

I have worked in many films, shorts and many kind of works in the art department, this has been useful for speed, in that environment not only you have to be good, also you have to be fast, very fast, this technical skills is the main result of this profession, and to hate animation films definitely! because when I see one, I see it from the artists perspective and I start to sweat for the tons of work there is in each shot ;)

Why is color so important to your work?

The color is my entire life, the last time I have cried was seeing a video of a child seeing color for first time with a neurological device. Life is in color, the blue days, the red in a clothe, the yellow sun of the south of Spain, all is color. The structure of a work is in shades of grey (value) but the salt is color. It's the most wonderful physical propierty in the Universe.

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